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Friday, 19 June 2020

Self Esteem and Self Disclosure

.Self Esteem and Self Disclosure

Self esteem and self disclosure are additional ways in which we understand our identity , our self concept , and become more aware of who we are and why we are the way we are . One thing to consider about self-esteem is that it is a value that we place on ourself .
 It involves a total evaluation of our self-worth based on our past experiences . In cases , when we start with a positive self-esteem , high positive self-esteem , we enter , enter into a positive cycle where we believe we can do things .

And because of that self-esteem , we continue to do them .

A negative cycle can have the opposite effect . If we believe that we can not do things , we act as if that is the case and therefore we end up not being able to achieve certain things and fostering more of a low self-esteem .

This idea is paramount in what is called self-fulfilling prophecy  . 

This can happen in most situations.
 It always starts with a central belief . You believe something to be true about yourself , and then you expect certain things to happen based on those beliefs . So you have expectations about this situation because of those expectations . You act in a certain way . You use and maintain certain behaviors based on your expectations about the belief as that occurs .

You begin to see results that occur based on the behavior that you have employed .

And those resort results reinforce the beliefs that you have about yourself . So , for example , you might say that I am really bad at math and Duarte taking a college algebra class and you feel that you are not good at college algebra . You never have been . You never will be . 

You yourself believe that this is true

The belief is I am bad a college algebra or math in general , and I expect not to succeed in the course .
So that belief influences my expectations about how or if I will succeed in the class . Then I act on those expectations . For example , maybe there is an exam coming up and you feel that because you are bad at math . You either don't study at all or as you're studying , you stress the entire time you study and therefore you behave in a negative way . And in results , you end up doing poorly on the test because either you were stressed the entire time and so didn't really retain any information or maybe you procrastinated on studying .

Or maybe it wasn't that maybe you didn't study at all because you knew , well , hey , I'm going to fail anyway . Why waste my time studying for something that I'm going to fail at ? So that result reinforces the belief that you originally had about yourself . 

So these things are constant cyclical patterns that can happen in both positive and negative situations . The example I just gave you was a negative situation . However , if you say have a growth mindset , you may believe that you can achieve things that you previously were unable to achieve , or you can even look at it from a very general standpoint and believe you're good at something and therefore act as if you're good at it .

And again , achieve so self-fulfilling prophecy can be a major part of how we experience our life and where we come to the conclusion of what our self esteem is , how we view our experiences , and subsequently how we identify ourselves based on labels that we achieve through things like the self-fulfilling prophecy . 

Now , in addition to protheses and self-esteem , we have self disclosure , and this is a pretty simple concept most of us fully understand . There is this sense of self disclosure in all relationships .

Self Esteem and Self Disclosure

Some experience certain parts of self disclosures , while others experience something quite different . For example , if you've ever seen the movie Shrek , you may have noticed that in that film or in that movie , there was a scene where Shrek is describing ogre's to be like onions . And he says these ogres have layers . Well , if you think about it , self disclosure works in that way . We have broad layers of self disclosing information on the outside , just like in an onion .

We have the thinnest , most transparent . The flaky is the easiest to give away . Right .

If you've ever pick it up , picked up an onion from a grocery store , you know that that outer casing is very fragile . It's very simple . You can see right through it . Oftentimes it'll flake away at just any old thing . So that is very broad self disclosure . It is the stuff that you don't mind giving away . It's your hair color . For some , it is your likes and dislikes on a general term . It's your favorite TV show .

It's things like that , very simple , broad transparence . They transparent things . But as you get further into the layer , as you peel back the pieces of the onion . If you've ever cooked with onion before , you know that as you get closer to the center , those . Layers get thicker , they get tougher , they're more difficult to peel back and they're more pungent . To be perfectly honest , they smell stronger . In some cases , they might even make you cry .

So that self disclosure is the depth . The further in you go , the more intimate the self disclosure , the harder it is to give away and the more impactful it is to those around you . That may be your childhood experiences . 

Maybe you were abused as a child . Maybe you have a drug addiction . Maybe you lost a family member . All of those would be considered very deep self disclosing information . So there is a breath and a depth to our self disclosure .

Now , self disclosure can have benefits and risks , things that are positive and things that are risky about disclosing information . The benefits of disclosure in a given relationship , pneuma are numerous in nature . You can feel a sense of cathartic feelings based on the disclosing of information . Or what that means is that you feel like you've released a pressure . It relaxes you to disclose the information . Maybe you've been holding back that information for a long time .

And so giving it away , disclosing it to your friend , your family member or whomever allows you to feel a sense of peace . Maybe it's reciprocity , the next one on here , and that is that I want to give self disclosure in hopes that I will get self disclosure . 

So I reveal information about myself in order to get information back . Another one might be self clarification . If you've ever talked our season , we thought outloud that might be a form of self clarification .

If you voice the self disclosure , you are able to , in some cases to more appropriately and effectively clarify your mindset , your perception of a certain situation . Another might be self-help Dacian , if you have ever revealed information to another person in hopes that they would say . Good job , I agree . 

It was the right choice you made.

 That would be a form of self validation . Another might be to manage your identity . If you reveal certain things about yourself , you are allowing people to believe things to be true .

So you've got that presenting self out there . You are believing or sees me . You are omitting information in hopes that it will present a certain picture of who you are . Another might be relationship maintenance and enhancement .

 If you reveal information , you hope that that will cause a little bit more intimacy within the relationship or allow you to feel close to that person . And then finally , social influence . If you reveal information about yourself , say some form of success or some connection you have .

You could potentially receive a social influence . Now , in addition to the benefits , you have risks .
What is the difference between self concept self esteem and self efficacy? What is the concept of self efficacy? What is self concept in consumer Behaviour
Benefits And risk 
You could be rejected by the person based on what you said , you could form a negative impression . Maybe you thought that you would be perceived a certain way , but in all actuality , they are completely different from you and therefore see you now negatively . Say it was a political belief . 

You feel your you present your political belief and they end up being somebody completely different from you . It could decrease relational satisfaction . Again ,

 if you reveal stuff that could cause problems ,

 maybe feelings that they didn't recognize , that could cause negative experiences , that could decrease relational satisfaction , or if you refuse to reveal information that all also could be a form of relational satisfaction decrease in that loss of influence .

If you reveal information that is taken negatively , they might see you in a negative light and feel like you could no longer be a positive influence and hurting the other person . What you revealed to them might feel make them feel bad . So all of these are risks of self disclosure .

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