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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Self Esteem Definition - Self Esteem Definition - 2020

Self Esteem Definition

  •  is here again with another episode of Two Minutes to Happiness .

  • And in this article , I want to talk about self-esteem or the lack of self-esteem to me .

  • I mean , there's many definitions of it , but the bottom line is self-esteem is tied to self-worth , self value , knowing who you are .

  • If you understand those things , then self-esteem is a by product of those .

  • I believe that if you understood and loved yourself .
Self Esteem define
  • #Self-esteem 
I mean , you could be the fattest person in the world .

But if you know in your heart and you understand who you are , you're a spiritual being .

Strip all of this away , every bit of it .

Its energy , its spirit , its oneness with God .

It is something that I can't even explain because I haven't ever seen it .

I mean , I had my idea of it .

And there's people that maybe will try to explain it .

But the bottom line is , is all of this is a facade .

It's it's just something we wear while we're here .

So if this person over here is in a wheelchair or this person over here is overweight , if you strip away all of that , what would be there ?

 We will all be the same.

Loving , knowing energy that comes from God , the one creator .

So self-esteem is knowing that you have value you have worth .

Because when you have low self-esteem , what happens is it's that that you have low self-esteem is that you have a high ability to compare yourself with everyone

You don't have everything that someone else has that you don't how they look compared to how you look .

You have low self-esteem is that you have great comparative skills .

You have the skill to compare yourself to the point where you devalue yourself and you create your own image , your self worth to be nothing .

So what happens is you have a very low self-esteem .

You walk as if you do not count , as if you don't if you don't matter .

 It matters more than you feel.

Hopefully through these videos , I will get through to you .

I will get you to a point where you will understand your value .

You will learn to see yourself in the same way that I do .

I'm the same way that your creator sees you , the same way that maybe your kids see you or your wife or your husband or your mother or

your father , the only person that doesn't see you as having value .

And I'm saying for the most part , I know some of you have terrible mothers , fathers and relationships .

But if you're in a decent environment , the only person that doesn't see you as being valuable is you .

So if you can change that view of yourself , you will start down the road .

Start down the path to what people call high self-esteem , high self-confidence , high self-worth .

But the bottom line is , is you have to make that decision .

You need to understand who you are.

When you do this, things will start changing.

Let me talk about some topics.

Again , I'll just keep posting stuff as I have time .

If you ask , I will put out as fast as I can .

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