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  • Self Esteem 

Hello , friends  Welcome to my blog. Today in this particular module , we will talk about self-esteem . Well , friends , I feel this is one of the most important topics to discuss . 

The reason being that today's youngsters are having so much of less confidence in themselves . They at times do not feel in sync with themselves because of which it is resulting in large number of suicide rates happening . And this is the very reason I want to talk about this particular 

topic on self-esteem .

Let's take a look at what is their agenda for us today . We will talk about the definition of self-esteem and what it is all about . We will talk about what happens when there is a lack of self-esteem , symptoms of low self-esteem , and increasing your self-esteem , as well as certain benefits of having a good grade self-esteem .

So , friends , what exactly do we mean by the dumb self-esteem ? Well , again , self-esteem and self-confidence are two different things . While self-confidence was more on your ability to confidently carry out a particular task .

Self-esteem is about your emotional quotient , which means how in tune with yourself are you ? Hence , self-esteem reflects an individual's overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own world . Whether you feel you are up to the mark for something or know whether you have faith in yourself on all is what self-esteem is now friends .

 Self-esteem was really of a dumb coined , which happened because a lot of times people don't believe in themselves . And the history of that can go to your past means as a child .

If you were abused or as a child , you were told constantly that you are not good at something .

That particular comment by your parents or teachers remain in the mind , which again influences you in your elderly years or when you go into adulthood , when you still compare yourself with others because you were compared to as a child by a parent or teacher is what leads to a low self-esteem .

So what exactly is a self-esteem ? Do you love yourself. Self-esteem often manifests itself as a personality, meaning it is stable and permanent. A simple reason being that if you don't believe in yourself , that means you don't see yourself as somebody who's worth , you know , and you feel that you do not have any kind of importance to yourself or your body of anything which leads to a low self-esteem . The lack of self-esteem happens when you constantly tell yourself certain negative things and negative points of view and your daily dictionary or your daily vocabulary sounds something like this .

For example , I can't do what or nobody loves me .

I am not worthy . I am not good enough . I am must to be perfect . And I must not make a mistake . When you constantly see these things to yourself , your mind starts believing in these things because of which you suffer from a lack of self-esteem . Rather , I would say that . Or do you please can work these negative statements into positive and you will see the world of a difference which comes your way . Well , lack of self-esteem happens when you have negative expectancy's .

You'd expect too much out of yourself because as a child , too much was expected out of you . And hence , these negative expectancy's are trying to be a perfectionist , can lead to a lack of self-esteem , low effort and high anxiety and your consciously , you know , constantly anxious about things .

It can also lead to low self-esteem when you fail too much or you engage in a lot of self blame . You blame yourself constantly for things which is not right and because of which it all leads to a lack of self-esteem . Well , there are certain symptoms of low self-esteem and you should see this for yourself , as well as with other people around you , whether they're suffering from low self-esteem because they will have a social withdrawal .

Such kind of people like to keep to themselves . They're not likely to engage or go out of their way to meet people . They're not extrovert . They will lock themselves in their own room . They will stay by themselves . They will not mix around too much . They will not have that many friends , for example .

They will also have or rather suffer from eating disorders . So people who have lack of self-esteem or low self-esteem either will eat too much or they will not eat at all . So hence the disorder of eating happens . Inability to accept compliments , if you will , compliment a person who is suffering from a low self-esteem . They will not receive the compliment in a nice manner . They will also engage in a lot of self neglect , reluctance to take on challenges .

They will be in their comfort zone and they will not get out of the comfort zone and go into challenges . So these are certain symptoms of people who suffer from a low self-esteem . Well , how do you increase the self-esteem for such kind of people ? What do you do to increase and improve your self-confidence and self-esteem by being mindful ? Try to be in sync with yourself . Be present to the present moment . Be in it fully , completely , 100 percent .

So be mindful . Second , as you change the story , if you want things to change for yourself , you need to change the pattern of thinking and you need to change your story . Only when then will you get a different result .

Tardies don't compare and despair . Everyone is unique . Everyone is special , and hence everyone has their own talents and abilities to do things . Do not compare yourself with others because that will only make you feel more and more bad about yourself . Fourth , focus on your inner rock star . Imagine yourself to be a rock star and imagine that you have the world at your feet . Hence , it becomes important that you believe in yourself . You believe in your inner self .

And that's the essence of increasing your self-esteem . Exercise . I think this is a very , very essential if you really want to improve your self-esteem . You should get your mind and body in sync with each other by trying to exercise a daily exercise of 30 minutes can really up lift you and rather motivate you to perform better . Sixth is forgiveness . That is nothing more human than being forgiving to people .

And hence , you should practice forgiveness . What are certain benefits of self-esteem ? Well , if you are somebody who is looking for benefits , here they are you are yourself . You accept disagreements . You are not living in your fancy la la land seeing , you know , everything is perfect . Everything is in agreement . You accept failure . You accept disagreements . You challenge yourself constantly . And that's a beautiful benefit of being , you know , having a high self-esteem .

You constantly challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone , get into the challenging zone and do a lot for yourself . You do not feel uncertainty . Rather , you take it well on or head on . You dive into the unknown , the uncertainty , and that what is really a benefit of self-esteem . Let's take some more benefits of self-esteem . You are somebody is seen as a resilient patient , calm , composed . You don't need approval for things . You yourself approve of things .

It makes you more happier and more committed . If you are somebody who is having , you know , who wants to get onto the path of having a positive self-esteem . Trust me , they make you a happier individual . You don't look for happiness outside in the world . You look for happiness within yourself . And that what is making you a more self esteemed or self-confident person ?

Well , there's a beautiful condition which says that you change your life and you will see your self-esteem improved drastically . So hence , start changing your ways and you will see that you are becoming more and more self esteemed . Well , I'd like to conclude by saying that to play a huge part in your happiness and you can greatly increase it by taking the action and changing your attitude towards yourself . You are responsible for others but not for yourself .If you want different options in life, then you have to have a grateful attitude.

I do hope , friends , you have enjoyed listening to this particular module on self-esteem , and I hope you have got really pepped up to become a more confident version of yourself .

Do not engage in self empathy and self-pity , rather , get out and get out of your comfort zone and be as much improved version of yourself as you can be . Thank you for Reading mY_self_Esteem_define_introduction_article


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