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Smart goals setting

  • Smart goals setting tips

Smart goals setting tips
Hello friends, and welcome to mY blog.

Today, we're going to talk
about setting smart goals.
Smart goals setting tips
Smart goals setting tips
Smart goals setting tips

But before we even get onto this

particular module, I would like
you to think of the situation.

Have you ever sat on a train or a bus or
aircraft without knowing where it is

headed or the final destination
of the train, bus or aircraft? Well,

have you ever written a lit a letter
to somebody and forgotten to write

the address of the person on the
postcard and posted without it?

Well, if you have answered no to these

questions, which of course means that it's
basic common knowledge or common sense

that you need to know
where you're getting.

If you sit in an aircraft,
you need to know the final destination.

If you're writing a letter to someone,

you definitely need to write
the address of the person else.

How would the letter reach that person?
Well, friends.

The reason I've asked you on this thing is

because of the fact that smart
goal setting is all about that.

Well, you need to know where you're headed
in life, as you can be in any stop or any

aircraft or any train without
really knowing where it's going.

Hence, it's important to set
goals which are smart.

Let's take a look
at the agenda for us today.

We've talk about what
a smart goal setting.

We will also talk about what does
the acronym SMART stand for?

We'll also talk about certain tips
for extremely smart goals setting.

Their friends, what exactly
is smart goal setting?

Yea, it is a goal which is without
a plan is just oafish or a desire.

How many times have you, you know, stored
your parents or relatives or teacher?

I want this.

I need this.

Or I desire this.

Well, is it the same as goal?
Not really.

Because if your goal is not
smart, it is not a goal.

It is just wishful thinking.

Dreams without, you know,

which are not written down are really just
wishful thoughts which have no deadline.

So let's take a look at what exactly do we
mean by smart setting organization,

use various tools to make
their goals achievable.

Using smart goals is one of them.

This particular technique helps you
to a team and track your progress.

You also can verified every point where

you are going or how much more closer
to your goals you have reached.

So what does the acronym
s m e r d stand for?

Let's take a look at that.

S spot stands for specific.

Your goals need to be something
which is not gender, but specific.

Like what do you want to do?

M stands for measurable,
which means that how will you know whether

you have reached that
particular thing or not.

That's being able to measure your success.

It stands for achievable, which means
is it in your power to accomplish it?

Is your goal attainable or is it something

which is too challenging
or too easy to attain?

You need to understand whether it is
achievable, attainable or accomplishable.

R stands for realistic.

Is your goal realistic or can
you realistically achieve it?

If you say something like this

that tomorrow I want to go on the moon or
tomorrow I want to become an astronaut.

Well, is that realistic?
Not really.

You need to be realistic about your
goal and that is what R stands for.

D stands for timely.

What exactly do you want to accomplish it?

Do you have a deadline?

Do you have a time bound
thing for your goal?

Well if you don't have
it then it's not a goal.

It's just wishful thinking.

As I mentioned before,
your dreams are not your goals.

You need to mention, make it specific,

measurable, attainable, realistic and time
bound for it to become a real goal.

Well, you need to make sure that you're

asking ourselves specific
questions, for example.

Is your goal specific means what, where,
how and when you cannot give a generalized

statement and expect that goal
to become, you know.

All right.

You need to make sure your measurable
that is, you're making it measurable

by breaking it down into measurable units,
achievable or attainable, realistic.

How relevant it is to you.

And timely, you need to make sure that you
understand that time is equal to money.

Now, let me give you an example over your.

If you say of statement like I want
to be rich, is that a smart goal?

Well, not really,

because for this to become a smart goal,
you need to make it more specific

and measurable and attainable
and time bound as well.

So you need to see a sentence
like this, for example.

I want to be rich by 40 million
dollars by the end of 2000 and 28.

Well, now you have made it more smart

because you have made it specific
by seeing that you want to be rich,

by how much measurable you have made it,
by taking a particular amount

into consideration when once you reach
that amount means you attained your goal.

And you've also made it realistic, which
is 2028, which is 10 years away from now.

It's realistic.
It's attainable.

And you have put a time bound on it

by seeing that you want to achieve
it in this year's time.

Now, that is what I want to explain
with the help of this particular example.

Your goals need to be smart
and not just gender, Rick.


Well, let's take a quick look at what are
certain tips for good, smart gold setting.
You need to give some thought to the massive picture. 

 How many times has it happened?

That New Year's comes and we're all kicked
up about making our New Year's resolution

midway through the year,
rather one or two months down the line.

We have broken all our resolutions and we
have no idea how to get back to track.

Well, the idea is always
think of the big picture.

Always think about the end goal and what
you would want to achieve by making sure

that you always had that
at the end of your mind.

You think of this is what
I want to become of.

This is what I want to achieve.

So always think of the bigger picture.

It'll help you to stay focused.

The second is getting down to the bottom.

Well, this is what it means.

Once you have said the big picture,

you need to break the goal into simple,
small, measurable actions.

This will help you understand how you can
make your goal measurable and attainable.

Your goal is also something like this

that planning smaller steps make you build
the right momentum in the right direction.

So all these break up your bigger goals
into smaller, actionable plans,

which is easily easy to make
sure that you can carry it out.

Use a systemized formula.

Goal setting is not wishful thinking.

You need to actually write them down.

If you do not write your goals,
they are not goals.

They are just wishful thinking.

And hence, you need
to write everything down.

It will help you to get from one
point to another smoothly.

You will also start getting
the desired results.

If you have a proper
and a structured formula.

So always make sure, for example,

the sentence which says I want to be rich
by 40 million dollars by the end of 2028.

Now, how do you put this into a formula?

How do you strategize it and make it
a proper structure which will help you

to go about your goals smoothly
and in a nice functional manner?

The next step, Westmont goal setting
is how do you track your progress?

So make sure that you are
always reviewing your goals.

If you've set a goal,
today does not mean you forget about it

nicely and remember it only
after one year's time.

You need to ensure that every week,

every month, every fortnight,
you are checking the progress of your goal

and then only it will make
sense to have a small goal

next step for setting small
goals as set an end date.

Well, if you do not have an end date,

you will not know whether you are going
to, you know, achieve your goals or no.

So always have a deadline,

a timeline so that you know that this
much is what is left to do.

And you can always track your progress.

So always, always have any time
or a timeline for your goals.

Well, friends.

That brings us to this end of a beautiful
topic, which is known as Mudgal Setting,

which is one of the topics which I'm very,
very passionate about training people on.

I do hope you've got understood the way to set
to alittle because ensuring that you simply
also understood the tips of how
to set your goals in a smart way.

Please go ahead.
Set your spot goods right now.

Thank you for reading us.

These like Read and share our article .

Do feel free to leave your
comments in the comment box.

Thank you once again.


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