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Tuesday, 23 June 2020



The power of your subconscious mind is greater than your conscious mind. I have told this thing many times. But do you know when all your subconcious mind is in the most powerful form? 

The_power_of_the_subconscious_mind_is_very_effective_Subconscious_Mind_Power_Technique The_power_of_the_subconscious_mind_is_very_effective_Subconscious_Mind_Power_Technique

When is its strength the most? If you know this, then with the help of this you can find whatever you want in the world and that too in a very short time. It is then most powerful. The last five minutes of your day when you are going to sleep. At that time, the information that you send to your mind will start happening in your life. At that time you have a very unique power, about which no one has told you till date
  •  Your subconscious mind is active round the clock. But it was the most powerful at night. I have told you in another article, no matter what your situation is throughout the day, you should think positively, but my main purpose of this article is to tell you to think positive throughout the day. More effective than that. The night is five minutes before bedtime. Throughout the day you will think positively and at night you will automatically think negatively. Then the positive thinking of the whole day is of no use and vice versa.

  Even if your whole day was wasted and if you did what I said in those five minutes then it will be more effective. In those five minutes you can do whatever you want in the world by doing one thing, whether it is something or a human being. The thinking that takes place five minutes before bedtime every day is most effective. It affects your life a lot.

   The power of the subconscious mind is very effective!
  When most of us go to sleep at night, when it is five minutes before bedtime, we think about all the things that are negative. What was spoiled on this day. Today it did not work.
He hurt me and many negative things, in those five minutes we think about the worrying things, and to tell the truth, there is no fault of yours. This is the nature of your mind.

  This society has made our brain like that. You will tell me that what to do in those five minutes.

 You have to do . All you have to do is reverse it. You think all that is negative, then you have to think all those things at that time which would make a positive statement.

 You must be looking for a small thing. But it can reverse your life. When the internet has to be run at night, after that when you go to sleep, then at that time, you have to straighten your backbone, that is, stay in this pose directly and then you have to take 10 deep breaths! And then you have to do visualization.
  You think that you have the unique power to get everything inside you. There is miraculous energy that is revolving around your brain, your brain is filling with energy from both the outside and inside.

  When you start doing all this, then you will see that your mind will start to calm down more automatically.

  When calm down. After that, start thinking about all these things, put all your energy into what you want and keep thinking about what you want till you feel sleepy.
  That is, until you fall asleep, think about all the positive things that are deliberately, if you have read the article with unique power of my mind, then you will already know this technique but my main part of this article The purpose is to tell that try this visualization technique now when you are going to sleep, because
 At that time, it is thousands of times more effective at some other time. Now some of the people will say that it is okay but if we even think for five minutes, what will be the difference and how they work.

 You will definitely want to know this. I told you many things about the subconscious mind. But also hear about a weakness of the subconscious mind.
  All the powerful things in this world all have some weakness and there is a weakness of the subconscious mind and that is a weakness. What is the right discussion, the weakness of not understanding the difference between right and wrong.

  Whatever you think, your subconscious mind draws all those things towards you, but it does not really know what is real and what is fake.

  Therefore, what you think is real. And if you persevere with that thing, then it really becomes real.
 Subconscious Mind: It means that you think of negative things before going to sleep at night, then it is only a thought for you, but it is a real situation for all your conscience and our typical habit. Daily nights have to think negative things and so your everything mind takes it as real.

  All your constellation mind is open and because of that, when you think of negative things at night, then all your concussion mind considers it to be real and in reality the same thing happens in your life.

 Five minutes before bedtime, if you thought of some negative things, then your subconscious mind takes it as a mentor. Directly you are telling him to do the situation of my life like that. If you deli overnight think of the things that should not happen. You will think about the circumstances that you do not want to see in your life, then obviously the same thing will happen to you.

 What are you doing with this? You are tying in things, I am sad, nothing good is happening to me.
  You are changing the programming of this universe by speaking all these things during that powerful or powerful time before bedtime. Instead you I am happy to ask you. I am lucky My next day will be good. Will be fun Your Thinking Programming Your Life

  Can change.
 The power of the subconscious mind is very effective!
   All your conscience like a bank, which has a lot of money, you can buy whatever you want with that money, but you are taking what you are doing and spending money, but you need to buy something else.
  Means you are going to Margie after taking money and buying what you do not want by yourself and when you are coming back home, you are thinking that my life is ruined and precious. That money is your thinking, you should find it at the right place. Capital market is the same world.

 Therefore, use your thinking power at the right place.

  Think the right things, positive things, whatever you do in life, whatever is the most important is your thinking.

 If you have an exam on the second day, then think positive instead of taking tension before sleeping at night. If you do some important work tomorrow, then start thinking five minutes before bedtime that what will happen next day will be good.
  This will increase the chances of your success, that time between waking and sleeping would be a miraculous time. So how to take full advantage of this time.
  I told you to do one thing tonight only to try it. Think and watch as many positive things as you know before going to sleep tonight. There are 95% chances that your next day will go well. How was my article. Do comment below. If you like it, please like and share this lekh and subscribe to this website (www.selfesteem99.com) because


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