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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

How to balance your life work ?

  1. Soft Skills - Work Life Balance๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
How to balance your life work
Work Life Balance
Hello friends . Welcome to my article .
Today under this   module .we will talk about work life  balance . Well  all those who are  listening to this article .  right now might be facing a challenging  situation wherein you're not able to  balance your personal and your professional life if you are one of them .   I would urge you to read  out for this article  . Let us see what is there on the agenda for us today .

Here we will talk about what  exactly is work life balance for causes of  imbalance .

  • what is not work life balance
  • importance of work 
  • life balance 
  • achieving work 
  • life balance 
as well as few tips and techniques to  balance work life . 
  So  friends what exactly is a work life balance ? Now , many of us face this situation where we are torn between our professional duties and our duties at home . Now , we all have a lot of responsibilities at board the friends .

 you might be a parent or you might be of , you know , a spouse . You might be a daughter in law and mother in law . Or you could also be a father of , you know , many , many duties and responsibilities that you might have . Now , it is important to realize that you will never , ever be able to achieve a work life balance . Achieving work life balance is a myth . Well , guess you heard that correctly  . 

Achieving work life balance is a complete but because what is work life balance for me could not be for you or for any other person . And hence it becomes important that whatever role and responsibility we are in , we are not never , ever going to be always that hundred percent in that particular role or responsibility . Hence work . Life balance is a term used to describe the balance that an individual needs between time allocated for work and other aspects of life . At one day you could be a great friend .

Another day you could be also a great motivator . The next day you could be a good manager as well . But not every day . Would you feel the same for all your duties and responsibilities ? There are four causes of imbalance . One is societal expectations when you give in to societal expectations and pressures of how much the society expects from you . Second is when you're extremely ambitious .

Well , it's not wrong to be ambitious . However , when you are so completely cued in to ambition that you forget everything else when you are on the extreme side of it is bad cut is when you are desperate for perfection . And fourth is when you you're denied depression , even if you're feeling low and feeling depressed . You kind of deny those feelings and attitudes is when are all these four causes of imbalance ? So what exactly is balance ? Balance is when you'll feel at ease or at equilibrium with certain things like your eating properly , your health , your free time , your PSEG , your relationships and your family , when you're able to feel a calm sense of equilibrium between all the aspects of your life is when Oz or rather what I would say is balance .

Well , let's take a look at what is not work life balance , work life balance does not mean something which is of complete equal balance . There will always be something which is really needing or wanting your attention at that particular point . So it's not a complete balance kind of a situation . Your best individual work life balance will vary over time . And also , according to situations , one day you may feel more of something and lesser of something . There is no perfect one size fits all .

So as I mentioned before , what maybe work life balance for me could not be for somebody else . So hence one size does not fit all . Let's take a look at why do we need work life balance in our life or what is the importance of significance of work life balance ? And here they are to maintain your mental health if we don't balance between our work and our professional and personal lives .

We will somewhere feel a lot of mental torture and we might feel a little dis balanced mentally .

It increases productivity , definitely .

It'll add on to your productivity and enhance your productivity . Being having a work life balance will also make you a more rounded individual . It's something which will add onto your personality when you're able to manage everything within your time spheres . Next , as you only get one life . So it's important to enjoy your life at the same time . Balance it out with things which are important and are a priority for you . So how do we achieve work life balance ? Let's take a look at that .

Learn how to let go of things . Don't hold on to things . Don't control things so much . Do things as much as you can . And then the rest needs to be left to a war to got to take . So do not hold on to your things , your material possessions . Ultimately , when you die , you're going to leave all of that . You want to . So letting go is very important because just like you hold a fistful of sand .

The more tighter you hold onto it , the more likely the sand is . You're not going to slip through your fingers . And the space within your finger was in the way or rather in the same way . Do not hold onto things . Establish boundaries at work and stick to them . It's important to prioritize and also prioritizing not only well work , but also your time is very important . Be selfish about your meantime , don't let somebody else eat into your mealtime .

If you have scheduled half an hour for yourself , nobody needs to disturb you at that particular point of time . So being very , very selfish and safeguard your me time , do go out and ask for help . Friends , it's not wrong to ask for help if you need something . You need to tell somebody about it . Do not assume that people will know what you want . You need to ask for help whenever you require it . There's a very nice quotation which says that never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life .

Life is meant to be lived . Life is meant to be enjoyed , and life is meant to have a balance . Do not go into the extremes of anything in life , and hence that will help you to have a balance to work life . There are a few ways in which you can truly have a good work life balance . Some of those things are to unplug yourself . Well , if something is really taking a lot of your energy and really irritating you and frustrating you at that point of time , unplug yourself just like you unplug your phone from a Walkman or a seedy player in the same way you unplug yourself from that situation .

Just go out and be with yourself for a little while . Limit time wasters , not time wasters , can be in different ways like social media . Certain friends who just come to waste are dying . There could be some other time wasters as well , like watching too much of television . So try to limit your time with stores and try to only schedule little time for time wasters . And that way you will have a work life balance . Try to exercise .

Go out and get physically active . Change your life schedule if there are some things which is not letting you have a work life balance . I think it's time to change your life and change people around and in the environment that you are in for a little while . Last but not the least . It is very important to meditate . Just be relaxed and calm and you will achieve work life balance . Well , to conclude this particular module on work life balance , work life balance is about creating and maintaining supportive and healthy environment , which will enable individuals to have balance between work and personal responsibilities and thus strengthening loyalty and productivity .

Well , I do hope you have enjoyed listening to this particular module on work life balance . Please keep reading and make sure that you are able to really achieve work life balance for yourselves . Thank you  for Reading my article . 

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