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Sunday, 19 July 2020

How To Master Anything in Life.

  • How To Master Anything in Life ? 

In 2004 , at the age of 27 , Josh Waitzkin , when it world title entitles you to one which is a kind of Chinese martial arts . He also went on to win 13 national championships . Later on , he became a championship coach , leading his team several world titles . This is the first time you're hearing about Josh . You might be thinking that he was born with talent or that he would have been practicing martial arts since childhood . But none of these is correct .

Josh didn't even start studying martial arts until he was 21 .

And before that , he was more of a geek than an athlete . In fact , he was the only person to win consecutive just championships in the national primary elementary , junior high high school . You just get it . And the U.S. closed juniors behind . The phenomenal successes of Josh in different arenas isn't some natural talent , but in fact , it is a mindset , all the growth mindset .

What ninety nine percent of the general population likes to believe in is the fixed mindset . This mindset instills the belief that every accomplished , successful or skilled person has either been lucky or extremely dented . And if they aren't lucky or possess the special talent , they'll never become successful . What drew you to this growth mindset instills a belief that new skills can be acquired regardless of one's current level of debt and or intelligence to the aid of knowledge and hard work . The huge difference in the population embracing these mindsets clearly indicates why so many people live in desperation and mediocrity when only a select few get what they really want .

The fixed mindset makes us believe that hard work is optional because either we're already awesome or it's worthless because we got change our skills . Either way , the fixed mindset says I wasn't born with that kind of talent . Ah , I'm great . I don't need to improve both of these statements , justify avoiding the grind of improvement . All of this because of the subtle belief that talent alone causes success and that your basic qualities of intelligence , athleticism and even rhythm are fixed traits that can not be changed or improved .

People with fixed mindsets aren't spendingg time improving or developing their skills . 

Instead , they're focusing on proving , finding or documenting their talent or intelligence . This kind of mindset often Bigsby for narcissism and other vices like cheating one's way to success .

to induce good at something you're not good at. you have got to undertake and have it away consistently over a period of some time

 And similarly , to maintain a skill or talent also requires one to keep practicing . For example , to become socially savvy , you have to start socializing on a consistent basis .

And if you're already good at it , you won't remain . If you stop going out , people with a growth mindset understand this . This is how Josh bent from being a chess champion to a champion in martial arts . The growth mindset knows no limits . Failure is simply considered as a means to success and is not a reason to stop taking action .

Instead of demanding perfection from yourself . Demand persistence . Because the farmer with bare lies you and stop you from taking action . See failure as an opportunity to learn and do again what you are doing in a better way . And finally , take responsibility for yourself . And remember that it's only about getting better over being better .

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