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How To Be SUCCESSFUL In EXAMS_StudyTips_ExamHack _A Better Life

  •     How To Be SUCCESSFUL In EXAMS _StudyTips #ExamHacks | A Better Life

How To Be SUCCESSFUL In EXAMS | #StudyTips #ExamHacks | A Better Life
This Article is EXAM SPECIAL In this Article we'll be telling those technique through which you can score better in your Exams you can boost up your concentration level also increase your productivity means when we involve more than one task at the same time For eg. 

Eating while studying watching phone while eating working while talking on the phone or checking notification on mobile while studying while doing all these we feel like that we have that skill through which we can do more than one task at the same time but its not like that cause if we are doing more than one task simultaneously our brain can't be able to organised more than one thought & when we switch from one task to other our half brain got struck in the previous one and can't be able to switch again & again For eg. 

If you are in the middle of your work and you got notifications on your mobile continuously and when you see the notifications leaving your work half of your concentration is on your original work & when you are back to your work half of your concentration remains on that notifications So stop multitasking We all have that 24 hours a day to complete our task If you want get finished all that piles of your books this is not possible you need to prioritize  your work means you need to do the most important work first what'll happen
doing this when you do like this you can do the work better when your productivity is high if you do the tough work first then there is no stress remain in your mind that you've to finish the work so do Prioritize your work & don't procrastinate we all know that we can concentrate well but there are so many distractions distractions means its most important to deal with all these distractions If we learn to deal with these distractions and make your will power strong this time then we can perform so well in our exams so what you need to do is make a list whatever may be your distractions in a day for eg.

 getting notifications continuously or getting up again and again for breakfast, lunch or dinner so make a list of all these distractions and whenever you sit to study but first need to get the solution to deal with these distractions If you learn to handle these distractions then you'll be able to concentrate more better whenever you need to increase your focus & decrease confusion or get out of any problematic situation or want to finish distractions this technique will gonna be help you a lot this is way by which you can organised your thoughts that are in your mind means what you need to do is note down the thisngs on which you have to do work write your goal also note how to reach that must write your strategies to reach that goal note it down what are the sacrifice you've to do to reach that goal For Eg. 

If I need to finish this chapter today so my strategy is to wake up two hours earlier and have to finish this chapter first note down all these strategies a day before sleep and keep all these listed things in front of your study table there are so many situations would come where you feel anxiety or panic as you have more syllabus and too less time to finish it so you need to trained your mind you need to programme your mind I want to share with a most interesting fact whatever be the task you'll be given to your mind whether its too
difficult If you gonna to do it regularly without any fail you find that your mind will easily do that task so whatever be the habit you want to build up so you need to give yourself 21 days consistently to practise that habit and you'll find that habit naturally will get developed in you for eg whenever you want to take a break you need to move it ahead for 5 minutes more means if you study for one hour and take a break of 10 minutes then you need to study for one hour & ten minutes and then will have a break of ten minutes by doing this you gonna to increase your concentration time so need to do is trained your mind so I am repeating it once more that five techniques which will help you a lot to score better in your exams and thats are


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