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Friday, 7 August 2020

What treatments R available 4patients with a fstr heartbeat

What treatments are available for patients with a faster heartbeat?

When we talk about slow heartrate with atrial fibrillation, pacemakers are the best things.

 But when you go higher up,say for example, somebody has a heart rate of 100,120 beats per minute. 

And they're gettingreally tired because it's like running amarathon constantly. 

Normally, when you are atrest, you want your heart rate to be around 60 to 70. But when you'realways around 100, that's not good forthe heart because that tends to reroutethe heart muscle, and makes thepatient very tired. 

So in that situation, thetwo best things that work is either medications suchas beta blockers or calcium channel blockerswhich are very common. But we also putpatients on Digoxin which is a very old medication,but works quite well. And then the other thing wealso can do is an ablation. 

Ablation will get rid of AFib. As I said earlier, like ifthis is the heart muscle, we put catheters thatgo inside the heart. And we find the area in theheart that is causing the AFib, and burn that tissue whichis abnormal and causing these unnecessary signals. And when you burnthat tissue, you get rid of atrial fibrillation,and the heart rate comes back to normal range. And patients feel better.

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