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Heart_Touching_Lines_and_Quotes  Humanity makes a human being.  Perseverance makes every difficulty easy.  People do not just go and worship faith in temples makes the stone a god.  A Mahatma put large white paper on the wall and put a lock set on it with a marker.   How to Self Confidence build Then asked everyone what you see.  Everyone said black donut, then simply said that it is amazing that such a big white paper is not visible and a small black dhok is seen.  Everyone is in the same situation today.  They do not see the goodness of a person all his life.  But his small evil is immediately visible.  Half the grief in life comes from expecting the wrong people and the remaining half comes from doubting the true people.   Mirror is very weak but not afraid to show the truth. The two rules of two-moment life is to give love to someone is the greatest gift and to love someone is the greatest honor.  A frog thinks of climbing the top of the mountain and moves on.  The rest of the frog

Emotional intelligence introduction

Emotional intelligence introduction Hello , everyone . Welcome to my Self Esteem blog. And today we learn about a very interesting topic, which is close to my heart.            Emotional intelligence introduction Emotional intelligence ?  Well , emotional intelligence is something  which is related to managing and balancing your own emotions . There was a time  when I could not balance my own emotions in the past . But when I learned about this new topic , it was an eye opener for me . So let's see , what is the agenda for today ? Today , we will be learning the concept of emotional intelligence . We will be learning the meaning . What exactly is emotional intelligence ? We will be learning the three skills of emotional intelligence . What are the skills required ? How does emotional intelligence make a difference in your lives ?  Well , emotion intelligence is also known as equal rights . You can call it Bill one . And of course , at the