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how to develop self concept and self esteem?

how to develop self concept and self esteem?            about your self concept   learn an important distinction betweenself-concept and self-esteem stay tuned so what is self-concept and what is selfesteem what's the difference why is that evenimportant well it's important to know who you arefor the most part and it's important to feel good about that knowing who youare and I don't mean knowing who you are in a very deep spiritual philosophicalsense you could go a lifetime exploring that and I suggest that you do but forwhat we're talking about we're  talking about your self-concept   to put this intwo perspective yourself concept is like a map in NLP we say the map is not theterritory so the territory would be the vastness of all that you are which youcould you could go on and on explaining and there would be no end to that andthat's like the territory so say like the territory or the state of Californiathe actual ground and all the details that go into th

Shapping Our Self Concept

Shapping Our Self Concept What shapes the self concept ?               Shapping Our Self Concept  It might be biological roots . It could be personality traits . It could also be perspectives based on our social concepts . How others view us is often a way that our self concept can be shaped , how we become aware of some of those characteristics that help us to identify who we are ,  how we label ourselves , and maybe why . One of the ways in which social experiences can shape our self-awareness and our self concept is through what's called reflective appraisal . Reflective appraisal is a situation in which we develop our self concept that reflects the way that we believe other people see us . So we reflect our appraisal of ourselves based on that which others admit to us . So , for example , we might have a significant other in our life . And when we define someone as a significant other , it does not necessarily mean that they are a romantic p

Development of Self-Concept in Children

Development of Self-Concept in Children Hello  ,  dear everyone.   welcome  to  enter  your ( website.            Today  we  are  going  to  study  a  very  very    important  topic  that  is  self  concept  .   Now,  supposing  I  ask  you  a  question.?  w ho  are  you  ?  Or  describe  yourself  .  What  kind  of  an  answer  will  you  give  me?     Not  if  I  asked  the  same  question  to  you   . Say   five  years  from  now  . Describe  yourself.  Who  are  you  ?  Do  you    think  you  will  give  me  the  same  kind  of    an  answer  that  you  have  given  me  today  ?  And  now  if  we  ask  the  same  question  to      say  a  class  of  three  student  with  seven  to  eight  years  old  or  a  class  one  student  .    Who  are  you  ?  So  this  is  basically  about    the  concept  .  The  self  concept  is  about    describing  yourself.  That  is  understanding  of  your  own  self  .  Now  if  we  asked  a  question  to  say.