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The best way to lose weight natural

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Cell Transport for Anatomy and Physiology

Lets learn about cellular transport mechanisms.Many substances move in and out of cells. In order to get substances into or out ofthe cell they must get through the cell membrane. Lets take a closer look at the cell membrane.The cell membrane consists of a phospholipid bilayer.Phospholipids consists of a phosphate head that loves water (hydrophyllic) and a lipidtail that hates water hydrophobic.  The phospholipids arrange themselves intoa bilayer with the head pointing outward and the tails pointing inward.Lipid soluble substances can pass through the phospholipid bilayer.Some examples of lipid soluble substances include oxygen and carbon dioxide. Steroidsare another example. We can say these substances move by diffusion.In diffusion substances move from higher to lower concentration until reaching equilibrium.Here is an example of diffusion.  A drop of dye in water will move from wherethere is more dye (an area of higher concentration) to where there is less dye (area of lowerconcentr

Immune System: Innate Immunity

      innate immunity         Let's learn about innate immunity. Our bodies have a number of ways to fightoff pathogens. One category of defense is called innate immunityor non-specific defense. In innate immunity the same kind of defenseis used against all types of pathogens.  Three types of innate immunity are mechanicalbarriers, cells and chemical mediators. Let's take a closer look at mechanical barriers. The keratonized or hardened cells of the skinform a natural barrier against pathogens. The mouth is also a barrier and is lined withmucous containing lysozymes that work to destroy pathogens. The stomach contains hydrochloric acid thatdestroys pathogens. Next we'll look at how cells form a line ofdefense against pathogens.  Some cells engulf pathogens. This is called phagocytosis. The cell engulfs the pathogen and then enzymeswithin the cell work to destroy it. Inflammation is another form of innate immunity. Signs of inflammation include heat, redness,swelling and pai

How to do antibody mediated immunity_How to do antibody mediated immunity2020

    antibody mediated immunity Hi, WelcOmE to Back mY Blog Article. Let's learn about adaptive immunity. The human body has a number of ways to fightoff nasty pathogens. There are 2 types of adaptive or specificimmunity.       How to do antibody mediated immunity .    Cell mediated and antibody mediated. This Article covers antibody mediated immunity. B lymphocytes or B cells are involved in antibodymediated or humoral immunity. B-cells are activated by co-stimulation whichinvolves a connection between an antigen receptor on the B-cell and an antigen from a pathogen.  Here, an antigen from a pathogen is displayedon a macrophage which acts as an antigen presenting cell. Along with the antigen antigen-receptor connection,substances called cytokines are secreted by the macrophage which also help to activatethe B-cell.  Activated B-cells secrete antibodies. Activated B-cells are called plasma cells. Here is an antibody. Antibodies contain constant and variable portions. The variable po

How to structure antibodies

Hi there and welcome to a short Article antibody structure and function.             antibodies So antibodies are protein basedand it's immunoglobulin. So we often use this Ig and it's kind ofa shorthand for antibodies.  And the base structure is a Y-shaped structure onthere you have what's called variable regions and those are out on the ends.And that kind of makes sense because that's where the binding is of theepitope.   And then you have kind of the the base structure which are theconstant regions.   So because we know antibodies are specific to specificantigens or specific epitopes. It's that V region, that variable region that'sgoing to be altered or not altered.   But that's where all the differences will be. So that when the antigen comes in, it'll be specific for whatever that bindingsite is on that V region that's there.  Okay so antibodies are just a proteinpiece. So they're secreted by B-cells and specifically by B plasma cells.  a

High self-esteem

High  self-esteem Higher self-esteem underpins every positive experience in the lifetime.  It helps you to find the positive in every situation; to deal with hardship and to fully understand these better times.  In the modern, fast-paced world that we live in, there is always somebody or thing demanding the experience and care. When you are always reacting to these needs you are encountering the demands of others.  While it is great to encourage others, that will sometimes occur at the cost of taking time for you. When you do not make time for you, the self-esteem begins to fall.  Sadly, some people do not acknowledge their self-esteem declining until they have some serious troubles.

How will the relationship between exercise and self-respect be good.

How will the relationship between exercise and self-respect be good. Hi, everyone is fine.  So for this article, I want to talk about fitness and self-esteem.  So for my personal opinion, I say that these go hand in hand.  Being proactive can really help with your mood, appearance, self-esteem and just your overall advertising.  So first of all, I really, really love being active.  getting fit.  I go to the gym  It just makes me feel so much better.  Once I have exercised I have sleep better.  I feel better about my image.  And I only feel very healthy when you are only active and moving.  Ok so after you release endorphins to your body.  These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain and they leave a positive outlook, good feelings.  Those who say that endorphins may be associated with the feeling of morphine.  So but this is a natural thing.  So this is something that happens when you are active.  So those are some benefits.  It really makes you feel happy.  Like it has b

5 Habits That Made Elon Musk a Billionaire

5 Habits That Made Elon Musk a Billionaire         Make Elon Musk a Billionaire          from paypal to tesla billionaire ElonMusk has got empowering habits  and forward patterns that's bringing him the resultsthat he's currently getting and that's why in  today's article I wanted to breakdown through five habits that made Elon Musk a billionaire and so for right nowis somebody who wants to achieve it big in your life be sure to pay closeattention and without further ado let's go on to the first point which is tohave a powerful vision and mission you see  Elon Musk didn't ask themselves  whatare some of the best ways I can make money fast instead as he left PayPal andwanted to start something new he asked himself what are some of the problemsthat are likely to affect the future of humanityhe was extending beyond himself and this is necessary if you really really wantto put in the work Elon Musk works like no other 100 hour plus weeks and you areable to do this